What are the difference between computer laptop and desktop?

A laptop is way better, very easy to use, small, you can handle and get it where ever you want, useful in business and accounting also with marketing and finance. It’s comfortable like you have everything in your pocket when you go out then bring it out when you need it or if you are going to upload videos and pictures in on instant because it has USB port and Bluetooth application. There are many types of a laptop which could live you better with features and advancing technology.

Comparing to a desktop, a desktop is always in your house, just the same as what is the laptop can do but the most important I think is that desktop is easier to repair? when you like to upgrade something like that. the desktop is used for office works and for business as well.

Whatever you want desktop or laptop I will better go with Smartphone or android phones because right now we have apps and very easy application to monitor everything like your earning on google Adsense, bank deposit report, mobile banking, business reports, Gmail, email, and a lot more.

Supposedly we're talking about smartphone right now, I think the innovation of computers is really working fast and farther, we have iPhone 7 and counting, we have Google glass, we have android phones which are improving more.

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