How to install Skimlinks and ready to earn money?

Once logged in, you'll be guided through the process of installing Skimlinks on your site. Installation is really straightforward: copy and paste the Skimlinks Javascript into your site's footer. If you are using one of the following platforms, there is a dedicated installation guide which can be found under the Installation tab in your Account Interface: Wordpress, vBulletin, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr and Glam. If you don't want to add the code yourself, we'll show you how to send all the relevant details to your tech team.

Your Skimlinks account also allows you to:
>Monetize content keywords with our SkimWords product
>Run detailed revenue and activity reports
>Check your balance
>Search for suitable merchants
>Apply to use Skimlinks on additional sites
>Add new users to your Account

Access our extensive suite of publisher tools, specifically designed to help you get the most out of your content
To get most out of the service, they recommend adding product links and references to any content that is relevant. SkimLinks will turn these merchant links into their equivalent affiliate link, and SkimWords will turn product references into unobtrusive shopping links. Both services are automatically enabled on your site when you add their code. You can downgrade or deactivate any feature at any time on the Installation page of the Publisher Interface.
If you have a question on any of the above, you can visit the Support pages once you've logged into your account.
Good job for choosing Skimlinks to help you earn more money from your content!

Adhitz have maximize ad zones for more income

In an effort to bring us more income and to increase their exposure they have just changed the maximum amount of ad zones per page from 3 to 4. Now you may add 4 ad zones to each page you have on your website. Also, remember that you may use the same ad code from each of your ad zones on every page of your site.

Currently, you have the following websites added to your profile:

Please be sure you add every website you own and to create ad zones for each page that you want to show our ads. The more ads you show the better your chances of generating clicks and income.

If you are new to AdHitz and would like to start generating income from your visitors below is a simple tutorial on how to add your website and generate the HTML code you need to copy to your site.

The process of setting up your website and adding an ad zone is very easy. There is a 3 step process on our site. The first step is to add your website to our database. On the website, the form is where you enter your keywords (words that are related to the category of your website, for example, E-books, or make money or software etc...) related to your site.

Next would be to go to step 2, Create an Ad Zone. An ad zone is the type of ad and the price that you will accept for advertisers wanting to purchase ads on your website. For example, a 7-day text ad for $7.00, or a 3-day image ad for $5.00 and also the size of the image ad, 468x60 for example.

Once you have created the ad zones, you then click the generate ad code link. This will allow you to generate the code necessary for each ad zone that you have created in the previous step. You must generate the HTML code for each ad zone, whether it be a text or image ad zone.

Once you have the code, copy and paste it into your site where you want their ads to appear. Once you have placed the code, Network ads will immediately begin showing on your site. Network ads or filler ads are those ads bought by our advertisers to run across every site in our network. If an advertiser decides to purchase an ad from you, the paid ad will take the place of the network ad. Once the paid ad expires, network ads will again be shown.

They cannot help you with copy and paste the code to your pages as there are just too many possibilities. We recommend that you ask your host for support on editing the HTML if you are unsure of how to do it. 

Start referring sites today and earn up to 12% of Skimlinks commission

To start referring sites today and earning up to 12% of Skimlinks commission for a year for each publisher you refer, login to the Publisher Interface and add one of their Disclosure Badges or Referral Banners to your site (or link to Skimlinks and earn 10% of Skimlinks revenue on sites you refer).

They are particularly excited by their branded Badges (which include a handy disclosure pop-up), as not only can they earn you higher commission on referrals, but also help you on your way to being FTC compliant by disclosing the use of affiliate marketing on your site.

If you prefer to use the plain text referral method, please make sure to have the Skimlinks technology implemented on your site.

Please visit the Referral Program or Support pages in your Account Interface if you have any questions at all.


How To Get Effective Links Which Really Improve Rankings on Google

How To Get Effective Links Which Really Improve Rankings  
on Google

1. Create a free account on LinksManagement to get an access to your Client Panel, get an ability to choose backlink pages from the huge list of PR1-PR8 pages and start to receive sweet links-offers which are relevant to your site. We will offer only those sites which are relevant to your site and have your keyword on their page.

2. We have spent about 6 months on writing SEO tips, especially for our clients. After creating an account you'll get a chance to sign up for our SEO tips for free. They will maximize the results of your link building campaign and will lead your site to the TOP10 on Google faster.

3. After you log in LinksManagement Client Panel hover over "Find & Buy Links" in the menu to choose one of the links lists. Before you choose any links and specify your keyword, you can see the PR of the page, the number of outbound links and the passed PR weight that will be passed to your site if you purchase the link on that page. We recommend purchasing links with maximum PR weight. These links are very effective and bring significant results. Sometimes even just a few links with passed PR weight over 3500 can bring not competitive keyword on the 1st page of Google.


Earnmailer.com that pays by reading sending E-mails with your friends

Please find infolinks (Links) related tags or with the two green underline words around the blog and above, to see important search for you, may be useful and matched, thank you!

What do you need to do? If you haven't saved the EARNmailer ad yet on your email signature, please save it first. Once saved, all your outgoing emails will display the EARNmailer ad. You earn 5 raffle entries for every 5 ad views (ad view is when your recipient opens your email displaying the EARNmailerad). When you refer friends to EARNmailer, you earn 5 raffle entries for every 5 ad views of all your successful referrals. Promo runs until February 15, 2012.

  • To qualify for the promo, please make sure your account details are true and accurate. You may update your account information by logging in to www.earnmailer.com and going to "Manage Account". Please make sure to update the following details: -First Name - Last Name - Gender - Birthdate - City/State - Country - Mobile number (Preferably a prepaid number - at least for the duration of the promo. This is where we will automatically send your load prize.)
  • To save your EARNmailer ad to your email signature, please log in to www.earnmailer.com and go to "Manage Ads".
  • To refer friends to EARNmailer, please log in to www.earnmailer.com and go to the Refer-a-friend page.
  • To check your earnings, please log in to www.earnmailer.com and go to the Earnings' page.

Metrics that You Could Also Check for Your Ad Campaigns

Please find infolinks (Links) related tags or with the two green underline words around the blog and above, to see important search for you, may be useful and matched, thank you!

 Still Reading Commercial Emails For Free? Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You And Get Paid For It! If you have access to your own email account, you can get paid. Refer others and get paid up to two levels. Hits4Pay is one of very few highest paying advertising program in the industry. Signup for free and receive $5 as a Free Reward:

Metrics that You Could Also Check for Your Ad Campaigns

When checking for the quality of your campaign, there are many metrics that you could check: clicks, impressions, conversions and cost are the ones that you can find within our reports within our system. This information is important in finding out how effectively you are running your campaigns, but you would need more information to determine how successful your campaigns are.
Today, I’m going to show you three metrics that you should try to incorporate in your campaigns to track your campaign progress in even more detail.  These metrics could be found in Google Analytics when you use it to track your campaign progress, and is helpful in judging how to best go forward and optimize your campaign along with reports from your Advertiser area.
Bounce Rate
Even though you may get thousands of clicks, are people leaving your site as soon as they see your first page? Bounce rates are good at determining how effective your campaign can get people to take their first action on your site, with a lower bounce rate greatly increasing your chances of converting visitors to customers.
Pages per visit
After navigating past the first page, how many pages do they view? It’s important to know the pages per visit to determine whether your site is easy to navigate and gets people to the right information.
Time on site
How much time is the average visitor spending on your site? Low time on site averages shows that your site is not compelling enough for visitors, leading to lower overall conversions for you. The more time they spend to look through your content, the more likely they’ll become a converting prospect for you.
Even though Google Analytics is a good reference to check your campaign performance, remember that there might be discrepancies with reports we provide due to tracking system differences. You can find out more yourself by going to this link for more detailed info:http://support.google.com/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55614

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