What is wrong and good about online shopping?

So let's start with what is wrong with online shopping.
1. Instead of going to the mall or market in walking distance. Walking is one of the best for heart exercise and body therapy, removing sweat in your body is releasing fats and toxins.
2. There are different reasons for online shopping that are possible to you to be in trouble, this is the SCAM system, Errors, and Bank problems.
3. You won't sure the product or the items you purchase online is good or bad.
4. You may be satisfied with making the decision by testing it before you are going to purchase it.
5 Different things you may be know after you visited the site.

 Ebay.com, Amazon.com, Flipkart.comWalmart.comIkea.comMyntra.comSnapdeal.com, Jabong.comHomeshop18.com,Netflix.com

What is good about online shopping?

1. Some things you may consider as digital and we are in new future generations, so why not to be one?
2. There are shopping lines which are better to shop just because it's easy and fast.
3. You are far away from unexpected things that might happen when you are outside, other words you are always safe that way on yourself.
4. You are in the modern and advance future. Not an old  passion at all.

However, whatever, or what would be your decision, for us is just to give a piece .

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