Web Design

Web Design

Web design or web graphic design is a process or a technology through which one can process through which a website is built. Various phases and processes of web design include graphic design, code induction, interface design, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Web design mostly includes the client-side design of a user website. The basic design is done with the help of HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language. It might involve coding like Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) or Java Scripting (JS). CSS is required for the layout of the website. The W3C was created in 1994 to create common protocols for the web users. Apart from CSS and JavaScript, dynamic HTML was also started that would change the way websites are coded. Many different browsers were created to enhance the web process, including Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer being the top few. New versions of the HTML version was released by the W3C including HTML 5.
Tools in Web Design
Web design tools include Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Paint. These not only help a designer to design a website or edit images, but also certain coding is needed including embedding of codes to make the websites.
Photoshop: - this is editing software that allows the editing of images for a website or any other images. Photoshop by Adobe is a creative suite that has released newest versions released simultaneously. The newest version includes CS6 (13.0.1). Although Photoshop is mainly used for corporate purposes, the software is quite expensive and the license could be purchased online. This web-based imaging software or tool can help to edit photos for blogs, sites, and social networking sites. Photoshop plug-in include color correction plug-in, special effects plug-in, and 3D effects plug-in. This tool helps in cropping, slicing, drawing, painting, retouching, typing any much more.
Dreamweaver: - This software originally created by Macromedia, was originally developed by the Adobe labs. The software is available for both Mac and PC versions. The latest release for Dreamweaver includes 12.0 (CS6) versions. Dreamweaver supports Action Script, C#, CSS, Java Script, Cold Fusion, XHTML, XML, HTML, Visual Basic, and PHP.
Illustrator: - Adobe Illustrator was written in C++ program, as the latest version was CS6 (16.0.0). Latest versions are being released with bug fixes and newer versions scheduled to be released recently.
CSS: - This is a style sheet language that helps in website layout presentation. This could be used in HTML, XHTML and XML. CSS is also called the Cascading Style Sheets. It is a syntax with various author styles including inline styles, embedded styles, and external style sheets.
Java Script: - The most stable release was 1.8.5. This is an object-oriented style programming. This is usually server side scripting.

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