Start referring sites today and earn up to 12% of Skimlinks commission

To start referring sites today and earning up to 12% of Skimlinks commission for a year for each publisher you refer, login to the Publisher Interface and add one of their Disclosure Badges or Referral Banners to your site (or link to Skimlinks and earn 10% of Skimlinks revenue on sites you refer).

They are particularly excited by their branded Badges (which include a handy disclosure pop-up), as not only can they earn you higher commission on referrals, but also help you on your way to being FTC compliant by disclosing the use of affiliate marketing on your site.

If you prefer to use the plain text referral method, please make sure to have the Skimlinks technology implemented on your site.

Please visit the Referral Program or Support pages in your Account Interface if you have any questions at all.

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