Part Time Job Anywhere!

Are you looking for jobs part time?

Here are my suggestions
If you are willing and joy to work online here they are:

Triond.com - is a website that giving you opportunity to write and tell something about the world into articles that are fantastic and popular, every time visitors come on your writings you get paid by each impression you make for your articles, my estimate is 10 views is equal to 1 centavos, so you could earn more than that if you better gain thousands of views

Blogger or YouTube - Yes why not, blogger is one of the best way to earn extra income because we have all the Google AdSense to have ads to display in our blogs and pages, if you have Google AdSense already then you can apply to YouTube partner to monetize your earning or ads to be displayed on your videos, every time visitors come you will get paid on your account. Definitely, Google could defeat any website - they are always the best for me.

If you like to work directly with the community you better find posters that are hiring, ask your friends about your problem and maybe they can help you too, or you can also find jobs in the environment like recycling things you never care it then you can convert it into money by selling? You can also sell something is popular on the beach or in the populated areas. Plant vegetables and fruits, ask your daddy and mommy for part time jobs, and ask your uncle and auntie if they have their own idea right?

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