Metrics that You Could Also Check for Your Ad Campaigns

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Metrics that You Could Also Check for Your Ad Campaigns

When checking for the quality of your campaign, there are many metrics that you could check: clicks, impressions, conversions and cost are the ones that you can find within our reports within our system. This information is important in finding out how effectively you are running your campaigns, but you would need more information to determine how successful your campaigns are.
Today, I’m going to show you three metrics that you should try to incorporate in your campaigns to track your campaign progress in even more detail.  These metrics could be found in Google Analytics when you use it to track your campaign progress, and is helpful in judging how to best go forward and optimize your campaign along with reports from your Advertiser area.
Bounce Rate
Even though you may get thousands of clicks, are people leaving your site as soon as they see your first page? Bounce rates are good at determining how effective your campaign can get people to take their first action on your site, with a lower bounce rate greatly increasing your chances of converting visitors to customers.
Pages per visit
After navigating past the first page, how many pages do they view? It’s important to know the pages per visit to determine whether your site is easy to navigate and gets people to the right information.
Time on site
How much time is the average visitor spending on your site? Low time on site averages shows that your site is not compelling enough for visitors, leading to lower overall conversions for you. The more time they spend to look through your content, the more likely they’ll become a converting prospect for you.
Even though Google Analytics is a good reference to check your campaign performance, remember that there might be discrepancies with reports we provide due to tracking system differences. You can find out more yourself by going to this link for more detailed info:http://support.google.com/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55614

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