How to install Skimlinks and ready to earn money?

Once logged in, you'll be guided through the process of installing Skimlinks on your site. Installation is really straightforward: copy and paste the Skimlinks Javascript into your site's footer. If you are using one of the following platforms, there is a dedicated installation guide which can be found under the Installation tab in your Account Interface: Wordpress, vBulletin, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr and Glam. If you don't want to add the code yourself, we'll show you how to send all the relevant details to your tech team.

Your Skimlinks account also allows you to:
>Monetize content keywords with our SkimWords product
>Run detailed revenue and activity reports
>Check your balance
>Search for suitable merchants
>Apply to use Skimlinks on additional sites
>Add new users to your Account

Access our extensive suite of publisher tools, specifically designed to help you get the most out of your content
To get most out of the service, they recommend adding product links and references to any content that is relevant. SkimLinks will turn these merchant links into their equivalent affiliate link, and SkimWords will turn product references into unobtrusive shopping links. Both services are automatically enabled on your site when you add their code. You can downgrade or deactivate any feature at any time on the Installation page of the Publisher Interface.
If you have a question on any of the above, you can visit the Support pages once you've logged into your account.
Good job for choosing Skimlinks to help you earn more money from your content!

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