Adhitz have maximize ad zones for more income

In an effort to bring us more income and to increase their exposure they have just changed the maximum amount of ad zones per page from 3 to 4. Now you may add 4 ad zones to each page you have on your website. Also, remember that you may use the same ad code from each of your ad zones on every page of your site.

Currently, you have the following websites added to your profile:

Please be sure you add every website you own and to create ad zones for each page that you want to show our ads. The more ads you show the better your chances of generating clicks and income.

If you are new to AdHitz and would like to start generating income from your visitors below is a simple tutorial on how to add your website and generate the HTML code you need to copy to your site.

The process of setting up your website and adding an ad zone is very easy. There is a 3 step process on our site. The first step is to add your website to our database. On the website, the form is where you enter your keywords (words that are related to the category of your website, for example, E-books, or make money or software etc...) related to your site.

Next would be to go to step 2, Create an Ad Zone. An ad zone is the type of ad and the price that you will accept for advertisers wanting to purchase ads on your website. For example, a 7-day text ad for $7.00, or a 3-day image ad for $5.00 and also the size of the image ad, 468x60 for example.

Once you have created the ad zones, you then click the generate ad code link. This will allow you to generate the code necessary for each ad zone that you have created in the previous step. You must generate the HTML code for each ad zone, whether it be a text or image ad zone.

Once you have the code, copy and paste it into your site where you want their ads to appear. Once you have placed the code, Network ads will immediately begin showing on your site. Network ads or filler ads are those ads bought by our advertisers to run across every site in our network. If an advertiser decides to purchase an ad from you, the paid ad will take the place of the network ad. Once the paid ad expires, network ads will again be shown.

They cannot help you with copy and paste the code to your pages as there are just too many possibilities. We recommend that you ask your host for support on editing the HTML if you are unsure of how to do it. 

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