What is behind infolinks earning factors low and down reports?

At the first time I was confusing about the factors how can i earn much better, then I realize it's not the same like google Adsense that its basis from every click payment but infolinks pays regarding and defending on the click, impressions and the standby offer where this visitors can guarantee a products and much longer behaviors where did he click the link. The longer this visitors show support to the publisher then publisher just make on successful buyers and loyal customers.

Here is the example from a letter of infolinks to me:

I reviewed your Infolinks account and your latest statistics. Please take into account that the 'Reports' section of your account only features earnings which exceed the one full cent. All earnings less than this amount will appear as $0.0 in the statistics reports. Some clicks are worth more while some are worthless; the calculation for each click is not as straight forward. The earnings per click vary due to many factors and It is possible that these particular clicks didn't reach the one full cent.

That said, I believe your account's performance can be much improved should you increase the amount of traffic to your website which will create more opportunities for user-generated clicks.

Just like this!

You can increase your traffic volume by several methods: advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and others, writing about your website in blogs (yours' and your friends'), spreading the word about your site on online communities' forums and even applying some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

I hope that you will find this advice useful. Please write me back should you require any additional information or assistance with your account.

Have a lovely day!


Shirley SM
Account Executive
Bechnology management operations

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