The 4 types of ads on YouTube that you must know

YouTube is one of my best assets and Ace of becoming online editor, I work with YouTube 8 hours a day, I'm editing videos and pictures with different topics and subject matters, I created videos which are entertaining and popular, I uploaded 2 videos a day if I'm is not tired, but sometimes I can only upload 1 videos per week defends on YouTube monetize security if your videos are fully edited and not copyrighted, sometimes YouTube let users upload 2 videos a week only for making it sure that you are not abusing the community standards and infringe guideline roles which are really important to becoming a YouTube partner or a Youtuber.

Let me show you the ads that appearing on YouTube videos

1. This is the Skippable video ads, Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads if they choose. 

2. Overlay ads appear in the lower portion of your video.

 3. Display ads are image ads that can appear next to your video  on YouTube.com These are always enabled for any video that you monetize.

4. There is also on ads that are running about 15-30 seconds ads but unable to skip.

All these ads can be 55% of the impressions and click earnings is yours, that's really amazing, if you got 100,000 views on your video you own, then the estimate earnings will be $150.00 or more depends on the satisfaction of the advertiser.

Imagining the millions views with active ads running that way? yeah! you've been subscribed with many people who are interested in your videos and they are surely come back and view your videos again and again. But make sure that your viewers will entertain so that they will not going to unsubscribe you from your channel.

Be careful and do the moderate upload. 3 Strikes ahead then you are finished. for more info please visit Community Guidelines

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