Life guard and self protection - how safe are you?

1. Sometimes grandma and grandpa always keep saying "be careful" Take care and a lot more. However, you should follow and foot in mind this because of experience from the past of their times, they are informing you again and again and love of caring is still in their heart.

2. Other people said, "if this day is your time to go to heaven then god will take you now, but I said no one knows" think about this baby, if GOD says it's your time to go in heaven, not on that way, your destiny, your control and do it in your way to your own body, because god always saves you, that's why to be careful with everything.

3. You know everyone is moderate and other are super and mixing with idiot people in the city, we commit mistakes but repeating, again and again, is not always good in eyes of everyone, what I'm trying to say is moving to a good habits and freedom to show expressions in a situation of people that can help and can make amazing things with intelligence. 

4. I think you have your own eye, nose, ear, and sense to protect your own life/body. Can you dial 911 or emergency services right?

5. You must learn and study science and technology, any way you already fulfill that when elementary and high school times.

Guys help me on this. please comment and have a little suggestion. thanks a lot.

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