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 Science and Technology 

Science is one of the best subject in a credential without science other people will be innocent, we study science for life possess and knowing the living things and none living things, we have to know that with science in our life technology have been applied any way books of science was told once technology is the best part of science branches.

 In addition technology has also involved science so that technology will recognize any things in this world to easily locate things what are be the difference of everything. So far from now they still teach science and technology text booklet and library thick book planned to donate it so that children will learn anything’s in the field of science and technology.

Tomorrow you will see the changes of the world so fast in technology, everybody everywhere making for them for every single step on technical and economical which who provides the technological needs to make it happen. The combination of this too both useful and really amazing stories about science and technology, starts the new generation for making of them. 

You are now living in the 4th generation coming lastly it was the greatest invention of everyone to have computers and the legend of science to you. People and the world who discovered things and the universe, are the people who discovered the new way to come forward supposedly does are sacrifices for the people, people will easily know anything in this world and people may easily plan and learn every little tips of every little thing in this world.

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